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Your questions? Ours answerback! Do you have idea, suggestion or comment? Write to us!

Your questions? Ours answerback!
The reason why I am asking is because of your name (cannabis cosmetics) - since cannabis is illegal in Norway I wonder if there will be any problems in the customs if I decide to buy any of your products.
THC FREE: We use only hemp seeds from approved varieties of Cannabis Sativa, which do not contain any psychoactive substances. Our products meet your legal federal and state laws is 100% legal. We use purely hemp seed from approved species of sown hemp (so called cannabis sativa), which does not contain any addictive psychoactive substances. The oil is obtained from the seed in cold and in protective atmosphere to save all its bioactive components. That makes pure (familiarly virgin) hemp oil. We have many satisfied customers in Norway

I also wonder if I can use the hemp milk to my three year old daughter who suffers from atopic eczema.
For your 3 year old daughter's atopic eczema recommend children skin care. Save your money Packet 3 - Children's

I dont ave any suggestions right now....i leave in ireland im looking for a cure for my psoriasis. Can u help me? what is it cost in euros?
We dispatched all over the world. Your credit card does not matter if you pay in dollars or euros. 100 USD = 72,93 EUR. Your bank will automatically make course. example: products Atopos hemp skin cream $12.90 / Qty = 9,41 EUR. treatment psoriasis

Do you have outlets in Holland for you products?? I know some hemp products are available in Reform shops. You have a market here..?
We do not, just sell successfully over the Internet. There you will find our products in autlet or pharmacies in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, since 2009 our company began offering in our products for export. We have to work slowly, we had to buy new machines , field and farm rent. Our production is limited because the manufacture of cosmetics (hemp seed oil) from our plant Cannabis sativa. If you are interested in booking you in our store. we sell in dollars but your credit card will not mention it :-)

I have had chronic eczema issues on my face for the last 2 years - nothing works. Do you have a product for me??
The primary treatment involves prevention, includes avoiding or minimizing contact with (or intake of) known allergens. Once that has been established, topical treatments can be used. Topical treatments focus on reducing both the dryness and inflammation of the skin.atopic eczema look for Special product range titled Atopos

I was wondering if hemp seed oil would be good for eczema breakouts.
I have food allergies and when I don't get enough lignans from flax oil, I get a touch of it and my skin becomes very dry. I have been using organic coconut oil on it recently but I heard and read that hemp is better. Any free information that you can give to me would be greatly appreciated and I will try your products out first. Thank you!
hemseed oil according to producers, one of the unsaturated fatty acids contained in hemp - GammaLinoleic acid - is very similar to cutaneous fat. This natural lubricant provides the skin and hair with suppleness. Cannabis can provide for healthy development and life of skin cells. It is also perfect in water management. Therefore, medicinal cannabis is used for preparing preparations for sensitive skin of children from infancy,'' read more...treating creams and dry skin and with psoriasis and eczema then wikipedia

Do you have mentholka hempen rub? It is for reumatica,on rheumatic pain
Yes it is, Mentholka - cannabis lubrication with pure hemp oil, menthol and horse chestnut extract, comfrey, arnica camphor and massage for aching joints, muscles, tendons and on rheumatic pain. Herbal substances contained immediately soften and refresh the skin, alleviate inflammatory processes and pain in the muscles and spine disorders. The gel is easily absorbed, non-sticky and does not irritate the skin.

I am very interested on your list of products. Kindly advice me where to purchase them. I travel quite often to UK, Germany, Brussels, Australia and New York. Can I purchase them around these places?
Our products you can buy in pharmacies in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, and Germany, Spain, at selected retailers in the Biostyl stores, drugstores. We sell our products online throughout the world
I'm looking for a product to treat psoriasis on scalp and on face.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could recommend on a product for this problem.
psoriasis on the head I would like to recommend Capillus anti seborrhea shampoo. On face, in the category Hair treatment
plenty to choose from

How did you come to the idea of making ointments and other products from hemp?

That was a result of years of interest in effects of medical marijuana products. Even in the first experiments we got great results and you sure have idea of what would it be like to keep it a secret from everyone. Not so wise, right?

I have problems with my butt. Do you have something for it?

We do. Presently the agreeing trial is in progress for a producing of uvulas, in the meanwhile you can use the Exema regenerative cream or cream for Baby calming cream with pH 4,6 or an Intime wash lotion with lowered pH 4,5. Apply only a thin layer and that will be enought to ease (especially when starting) burning on skin, itching or pain. The linnet ointment are competent for example during journeys when you can't guarantee the usual measure of hygiene. It quickly dismisses a mowburn and other ''displays of dermal disorderliness''.

My husband's breath stinks like hell. What to do with my darling?
Except for a general enhancement of an oral hygiene we would recommend your husband the mouthwash cannadent dental vaccine . Its content hemp acts together with brandy mint, sage and bergamot against odontia, buccal cavity inflammation, gingiva bleeding, acts as a treatment during the problems with burning on angle labial. The vaccine clears off an unpleasant stink, acts preemptively against problems and leaves a pleasant feeling in the mouth in the long term, then use the cannadent regenerative toothpaste.

They say it's an experience like hell to use your linnet ointment during lovemaking...

Yes, whether it's with a partner or without one. We recommend our product konopka ointment or our massage relaxation or stimulative oils. Share your experiences then...

During winter, my dog always has cracked paws from the salt on the side-walk. What can I do for him?

The Natura foot cream greases the paws in deep and starts the healing and regenerative process. Among the dog-lovers and vets this product is already really popular. They also use it for a treatment of wounds and injuries from dog fights.

What would you recommend to me for a problems with a dry skin?

The Konopka ointment proves to be really good. I would like to sell your products. What should I do?
Refer yourself to us and we will find the best option. That goes for locals or an applicant from foreign countries.

They say the linnet ointment is good for psoriasis. Is it true?

Yes and no, the linnet ointment or cream can very effectively lower or remove its symptoms but the psoriasis as it is can't be cured by only this of course. From our current offer we recommend Atopos spa bath and actually all products from the cosmetic line Atopos

I heard your products for kids are popular among moms all through the Europe.
Yes, the products of our company got into the subconsciousness of not only the moms but also people with dermal problems. We try to satisfies everyone. For moms we have Baby skin care.

Is your cosmetics tested on animals?
No, it is NOT!!! Our cosmetic products are made of healing herbs completely without chemical additives. Since the ancient times these herbs were helping people cure diseases.

Hi! I'm interested in Robatko sun lotion with SPF 30 and have a couple of questions: Firstly, does it contain any animal derived ingredients? And secondly, is the zinc oxide coated? I notice the ingredients state Zinc Oxide (and) Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride (and) Polyhydroxystearic Acid (and) Isostearic Acid - does this mean that the zinc oxide particles are actually chemically coated in the caprylic/ etc. or is the caprylic/ emulsion which contains uncoated zinc oxide particles and aids ''spreadability''? Hope you can help. Thanks. Kind regards, Jodie
Hello Jodie
Please find attached the composition of the product.product contains no animal or chemical Zinc Oxide (and) is a stable emulsion of a certain amount of nanoparticles is stable

Is there something special for psoriasis?
look in the category Skin treatment

I'm looking for a product to treat psoriasis on scalp and on face. I would greatly appreciate it if you could recommend on a product for this problem. Thank you
psoriasis on the head I would like to recommend Capillus anti - seborrhea shampoo on face, in the category; Hair treatment
plenty to choose from. Atopos - scalp treatment

First of all I want to tell You again that Your products are one of a kind and I really enjoy using them. I have one question please: I think Your products are unique and may be a success here in Israel. do You consider to export few of Your products to Israel? We like your interest in cooperation with us and in the near future we are preparing a program for our business partners. We have distribution in the Central Europe and now we began to sell over the Internet to the U.S. and around the world.


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