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Natura - stimulating massage oil
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Description: Natura - stimulating massage oil

Natura - stimulating massage oil 100ml/3,5 Floz
Stimulating massage oil
- for stimulating and harmonizing massages with aromatherapeutic effects
- pure, natural, quickly absorbing and easily gliding massage oil for whole body or tense part massage
- stimulates, harmonizes, helps to relieve mental fatique, aching joints and muscles
- also suitable for anti-cellulite massages and for body care after bathing
- stimulating massage oil made from pure hemp seed oil and sunflower seed oil, with rosemary and rosewood oils

Unique combination
of cannabis sativa oil with virgin sunflower oil provides perfect sliding, limber and penetration of active subtances deeply into skin. Stimulating massage oil is enriched by essential oils from rosemary and rosewood for full refreshment, harmonisation of organism, speeding up your metabolism and releasing of lymphoducts. Stimulating massage oil is suitable for professional massage too.

Unique and entirely natural combination of cannabis sativa oil and sunflower oil with essential oils from rosemary and rosewood. Does not contain any preservations, colourings, parfumes, thickeners or oil products. It does not irritate skin even while long-time massages. Your skin feels perfectly soften and smooth. During massage active substances absorb deeply into skin and maintain the full effect of massage.

Rosemary oil
is extracted by distillation of rosemary leaves. Rosemary has a very strong stimulating and harmonisating effect. It ifluences cardial activity and blood presure. It dissipates rheumatic and muscle pain as well as weakness.

Rosewood oil
is extracted from shattered wood of wild Aniba rosedora tree. It`s delicate fragrace is used in aroma therapy especially for reduction signs of nervosity, stress and insomnia.


Spread cannabis massage oil in hands and massage into dry cleaned skin. Oil is suitable for full body therapy massages and for local treatment of musckles and joints in pain. It is ideal for cellulite treatment. It is good to gently spread the excess oil to react possitively on your skin.

Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil, Aniba Rosaeodora Oil, Advices:

Stimulating massage oil with rosewood and rosemary wood is ideal for all types of harmonizing massages, before a long day and among sports activities. It naturaly stimulates organism, releases and degrades signs of anxiety, fear, stress and nervosity. It modifies and harmonizes function of organs and blood presure. Stimulating massage oil is great for entire refreshment and tonig of organism. And localy for dissipating rheumatic pain, headaches, menstrual aches and for weak blood circulation in limbs. It is very good for treating female skin with cellulite and striae. Try it also as cosmetic oil for massage of oily skin after bath or as cosmetic massage of face and low neck with oily and acne skin.

Notice: Rosemary oil is not suitable for people with high blood presure, epilepsy, pregnant women and children under 6 years.

cannabis - cosmetics . com tip :
natura relaxing massage oil + mentholka hempen rub

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