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Oral Ulcer Treatment

The goal of treatment oral ulcer is to relieve symptoms. Our product Dental serum in 2005 received the prize Awards for the strong regenerative effect against inflammations of mouth

Oral Ulcer Treatment

The goal of treatment oral ulcer is to relieve symptoms. The cause, if known, should be treated. Gentle, thorough oral hygiene may relieve some of the symptoms. Soothing preparations may be recommended for applying directly to the ulcer. Our product Dental serum in 2005 received the prize Awards - oral ulcer treatment for the strong regenerative effect against inflammations of mouth. Hemp toothpaste have excellent oral treatment and tooth care, effectively calms and prevents tooth sensitivity, gums bleeding and minor sores or cracks in the mouth

The types of ulcers are diverse, with a multitude of associated causes including: physical abrasion, acidic fruit, infection, other medical conditions, medications, and cancerous and nonspecific processes. Once formed, the ulcer may be maintained by inflammation and/or secondary infection. Two common types are aphthous ulcers and cold sores or fever blisters. Cold sores around the lip are caused by bacteria
Mouth ulcers tend to afflict women more than men and people less than 45 years. Mouth ulcers occur most frequently among 16-25 year olds, and they rarely occur in anyone over 55.

Expectations (prognosis):

The outcome varies depending on the cause of the ulcer. Many mouth ulcers are harmless (benign) and heal without treatment. Sometimes, mouth cancer first appears as an ulcer that won't heal.

Avoid hot or spicy foods, which often increase the pain of mouth ulcers.


Viral, fungal and bacterial processes can lead to oral ulceration. One way to contract pathogenic oral ulcerations is to touch your chapped lips without having washed your hands first. The reason that this happens is that the bacteria from your hands sinks into the tiny, open cuts caused by your chapped lips.

Many researchers view the causes of aphthous ulcers as a common end product of many different disease processes, each of which is mediated by the immune system. Aphthous ulcers are thought to form when the body becomes aware of and attacks chemicals which it does not recognize. Try our products in the category oral treatment


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