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I had eczema around my thights and suffered with constant  itching for several months. Tried herbal gels and ointments and bought other medicines  from pharmacy.Then I saw the name of Can cosmetics online and the name of the medicine for eczema. I thought of giving a try.In two days,infact, I felt relief after first application.After that I used just once every 3 or 4 days,just a little, and its nearly 6-7 weeks now.I feel so satisfied.It has been  the best cream for my eczema.(Sarla Menon)


I have been suffering from atopic eczema my entire life,but realising when i have grown up and my atopic covered most of my body. That time i start looking for more and more information about atopic and also start spending a lot of money on products saying they work. Actually none of them did. One day i found an article about hemp oil benefits for human skin. So I did google it,found,firstly I was very hesitated whether to try or not, then decide to give it a try. That decision was one of the best decision in my life. Atopos hemp cream is still my „angel“ .I have been using this cream and it still works.  Thank God for this product, can live now as normal human being.(Martha Sanders,California)


There is nothing worse than seeing your kid having an eczema. My son has had the eczema on hands,but it seemed that it will never stop.I never followed advertising banners,but i did it and it transfered me to your website. I was affraid of using hemp,did not know anything about it and i was wondering how marijuana can helps to my child.Nevertheless,i was still on my head so i bought it,because my son´s health is more important than money and i was surprised of the effect after application. After few applications of exema cream  the skin get much better,itchying stopped. Actually i was not surprised,but shocked in the positive way. I was very sceptic about the cream. Was not sure about the delivery,why it takes so long,why it is not in chain stores…Now i know everything I need,cannabis-cosmetics always do what i ask them for. Having said my story above, i can only recommend my experiences with Korszinski,Washington)


I am going to describe briefly my experience. I am getting elder and hair loss nearly „reach“ everyone in same age, i was not the exception. I am not too familiar with modern technologies and online shopping,but friends of mine recommend me to try anti hair loss shampoo so i did.It worked so i tried the hair loss serum .Dont know what works better,i actually dont care what works better,i have a hair as i had 15 years ago,just colour has changed. (Frank Brown,Denver)


Once you having eczema,it is so annoying for you.You are desperate and would do whatever you are told to. Same as i did,i was too naive and tried a lot of creams and moisturizers.Some of them were good,some of them not at at all,but compare to Cannaderm cosmetics all the products i bought were pretty bad. I wanted significantly change myself and get rid of itchying and annoying redness on my skin.I went on diet and dont remember how I found and bought atopos cream.After few application noticed first results,but it still good to better.I kept the way how i did- eating healthy and using cream,because i still had some left and almost removed redness on my skin and itchying is not my issue anymore.Thank you cannabis cosmetics.You made my life better.(Sarah Rodriguez,Nashville)

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