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Decolletage Treatment, Decolletage Cream

Why do you need to care for your decolletage? There are skin care measures, including at-home treatments that you can take to lessen or eradicate the dreaded signs of aging.

Decolletage Treatment, Decolletage Cream

No matter how perky your breasts, how wrinkle-free your face and neck or fit your body, a sun damaged or wrinkled decolletage can betray your age faster than you can say cleavage! Decolletage Treatment - There are skin care measures, including at-home decolletage treatment that you can take to lessen or eradicate the dreaded signs of aging.

What Do I Do Now?

1) Proper skin care, including exfoliation in conjunction with using a good moisturizer by night and a good sunscreen by day, will significantly improve the appearance of your decolletage. If your skin is dry you may need internal moisture replenishment, so drink 8-10 glasses of water each day

2) Let's start with the easiest: dull, flaky, or scaly skin. You can sometimes remedy this just by exfoliating the skin. I wouldn't lie to you, it's true! body wash oil - with mild cleansing effect of grape-seed oil molecules as dirt-collectors or Shower peeling (Peel) skin treatments are by far the easiest way to rejuvenate the skin. You may not notice too much of a difference at first, but you will.

3) Skin is first thoroughly cleaned with clean milk or skin tonic with no alcohol. On cleansed skin, apply a mask and leave.

4) Apply a thin layer of decolletage cream skin mask on face, neck and decolletage, treatment decolletage cream skin mask for normal, oily or irritated skin or Intensive regenerative skin cream mask for normal, dry and sensitive skin, You can help to intensify the effect by gentle massage or by packing of treated areas. Helps to smooth out and soften the skin and significantly reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging skin. Decolletage Treatment - Skin from the use of masks significant radiant, supple, silky smooth and soft. Leave the decolletage cream mask reacting about 10-15 minutes, than rinse by water or use cosmetic cleansing pads. After washing, masks treat skin 24 cream for oily skin and normal skin or 24 hemp cream for dry skin

5) To activate the pigment of skin and fine cast getting a tan, we recommend combining the mask with active serum cannasol.

Decolletage Treatment, Decolletage Cream

Decolletage Treatment - Why do you need to care for your decolletage? Because the skin on your decolletage is thinner than on your face, which makes it a tell-tale area for signs of aging. Where nobody's face looks older than 40, you can always tell a woman's real age by her neck and decolletage.

Instructions: Things You'll Need:
1) Skin tonic - for greasy skin or Skin tonic for dry and sensitive skin, makeup

When you use facial cleanser, use it on your neck and decolletage, too. The easiest way to do this is in the shower, so you don't splash all over the place. Try out our skin tonic or regenerative skin cream mask, both purely natural, which are intended for deeper treatment, cleansing and toning of normal, dry and sensitive skin.

2) When you apply makeup (especially mineral makeup) apply it down the jaw line onto your neck, too. Use small, circular motions with the brush. Also put some mineral makeup on your decolletage, if the area is red or splotchy. You want the skin in all these places to be the same tone.

3) Never go outside during the day without a sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. When you apply sunscreen to your face, apply it to your neck and decolletage, too. You can use our Sun protection and sun care, highly effective all-year protection

Have you dry, sensitive or sore skin, scars and stretch marks (striae)? Check out this very effective product regenerating cream or regenerating oil. Noticeably soothes and brightens the skin, reduces wrinkles, scars, striae and cracks in the skin

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