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Frequently asked questions and answers.
About us ...

Who are you?

Can-cosmetics s.r.o. is a European based company. Our e-shop (online-store) is called We produce healing bio-cosmetic made from hemp. We are ed with the commercial and our VAT number is

Where is the healing cosmetic made?

Since 2002 our company CANNABIS Pharma-derm, s. r. o., concentrate mainly on the development, weed free and the development and produce of a special cosmetic and food supplement using the healing effect of hemp. Most of our products are made according to our own original recipes. For the produce we use modern productive technology accordant with the strict standards set for a cosmetic production. All our products are supported by responsible authorities (1. LF UK Prague) and are certified for a sale in EU.

Where is located?

Is located in the center of Europe and the capital is Prague. Our region is also famous for Bohemian Crystal and the best hockey player Jaromir Jagr was born here. The tradition of Bohemian glass dates back to the 14th century. We are a member of European Union and our neighboring countries are Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Austria.

Do you have a customers service line?
You can call us for a price of local call on (USA). You can also leave us a message and we will be happy to call you back.
You can reach us during these hours:
USA, Canada: ETS03:00PM-11:00 PM USA time
Europe,Australia,Asia,Afrika: GTM 21:00-03:00

How can you guarantee that I will receive the items I have ordered?

Can-cosmetics s.r.o.(Ltd) has five years of tradition and experience in customer service and logistics. We always go the extra mile to serve our clients even better. We make sure you will receive exactly what you have ordered and in the shortest time possible.

I was pleasantly surprised by your quick reaction to my question...

Thank you. Our policy is to reply to customers' emails within 24 hours. If you want to place an urgent order, please call us directly on american number (USA) or contact us via instant messenger contact.


How can I get free shipping with my order?
Your delivery will be free of charge if you place an order over ….price. Applies to all countries.

Do you ship your products to all countries?

Yes, we do. After placing an order you will immediately receive an e-mail confirmation. Orders are shipped without delay by the following business-day.

How long does it take to deliver my order to the US?

The delivery takes approximately two weeks (7 - 15 business days), depending on the destination.
If you don't receive your order within one month, please contact us, have your order number ready and we will assist you

How long does it take to deliver within Europe?
There are advanced and reliable shipping services within the countries of EU and delivery takes no longer than 3-4 working days.

How often do you ship?

We ship twice a day, Monday to Friday.

Is there a possibility of faster delivery?
Yes it is - by using the Express Mail Service (EMS). But it is much more expensive than common delivery. The price depends on weight and size of your package and it can be between $50 and $250. Rather we recommend you to place your order in advance especially if you are buying a present.

Can you arrange the delivery of my parcel according to special requirements?

Unfortunately, we are not able to arrange any special delivery requirements. We use the services of the  Republic Czech post and its partners, eg. USPS in the USA. If you are not at home at the moment of the delivery, a notification will be left for you and you can collect your delivery at the local post office.

Do I have to sign for the delivery?
It depend on your local post office and customs.

What is your policy on damage caused by shipment?

Even though this happens very rarely and usually with the bigger products, you can rest assured we will replace your item. All you need to do is send us a clear picture of what has been broken.

Can I have a tracking number for my order?

Yes, of course. Unfortunately this number cannot be used for online tracking, it could only be used for obtaining information directly at the post office. Tracking numbers are sent on request only.

What happens if my parcel is not delivered?

If your parcel is not delivered within one month, please contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements. If your parcel was lost we will send you a replacement free of charge.

Personal security ...

How do you pack your product? Is it packed discreetly?
We use only plain boxes for our products containing only your address and our company address. There is no company name stated, only the owners name.

How can you guarantee that my credit card won't be misused?

We use the services of Ceska Sporitelna, which is the biggest bank in Czech Republic. You are transferred directly to their credit card payment gate during the payment process, which is absolutely secure due to the 3D Secure system used by bank.

Will my personal data be safe?

The safety of your personal data is assured by Thawte certification. All data are transferred via SSL protocol (Security Socket Layer, https) and are encrypted in our database.

Payments ...

What can I see on my credit card statement when purchasing products on your website?
The date of your purchase and the description Can-cosmetics s.r.o. art will be reflected on your credit card statement. No one can recognize what you have purchased.

1. POP-UPS - Turn off your pop-up blocker before continuing with the payment via Credit/Debit Card.
How do I do it?
2. Wrong credit card data have been entered - some people make a mistake especially when they fill in expiration date because some credit cards have 6 digits in format MM/DD/YY. The needed format for paying is MMYY (two digits for month, two for year).
3. A wrong type of card (Visa/MasterCard) was selected.
4. Not enough money on your bank account.
5. Internet payment via card isn't enabled (ask your bank).
6. Error occurred at the payment gateway, try again later.
7. International transactions are not allowed (ask your bank). We are located in Czech Republic, central Europe.

If you need our assistance please call us on (USA)

Does the credit card owner's address have to be identical with the delivery address?

No, different addresses are not a problem.

Which currencies are allowed for payment on your website?

Transactions can be made in American dollars (USD)

Are there any additional fees when using a credit card?

No, you only pay for the products you have chosen and delivery fees (shipping, handling, packaging).

Free gifts ...

Gifts by order value

There are several different free gifts to choose. Availability of each one is conditioned by minimal order value. The more order value is, the more valuabe gifts will be available! Check your cart for free gifts.

Am I entitled for both, a free gift and a free shipping?

Of course, there is a free shipping and a free gift with every order above $ price packet. Can I get a free gift if I send cash or cashier's check? Yes, if you send cash or cashier's check we will send you a free gift in return. Please be advised that the delivery will take a bit longer as we have to receive the cash or the check first.

Law ...

Does my government allow me to own a cannabis cosmetics? Is it legal?

Yes, it's legal. It doesn't include any psychotropic substances. It's completely THC free.

Which part of hemp is used in your cosmetic?

From hemp we use purely hemp seed from approved species of sown hemp (so called technical or industrial hemp), that does not include any addictive psychoactive substances. The oil is expressed from the seed while it's cold and in protective atmosphere to save all its bioactive components. That makes pure (familiarly virgin) hemp oil. The content of healing hemp in every one of our product is guaranteed by our seal.

What if I want to cancel my order?

1) In case of cancelling the order by yourself before being sent, the order will be cancelled without a fee.

2) In case of cancelling the order after being sent and return by the ordered item unharmed, there will be a fee in form of 60% of the prize of your order.



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