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Hemp Oil

Description: Hemp Oil

Hemp seed oil 250ml/8,8 Floz
cold pressed - pure, cold pressed hemp seed oil - consumer packaging with protective atmosphere - wonderful nutty flavor and scent - recommended for, flavor-enhancing and balanced human diet - contains perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids - bioactiv and most complex source of phytosterols, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals (K, Ca, Fe, Mg) and chlorophyll

We use purely hemp seed from approved species of sown hemp (so called cannabis sativa), which does not contain any addictive psychoactive substances. The hemp seed oil is obtained from the seed in cold and in protective atmosphere to save all its bioactive components. That makes pure (familiarly virgin) hemp seed oil. Organic Quality extra virgin hemp seed oil is unrefined cold-pressed

Enjoy the delightful flavour and grass-green colour of our Hemp Seed Oil, which was harvested 2010 carefully cold-pressed and packaged with protective atmosphere. These bioactive Hemp Seed Oil is suitable not only for cold cooking and flavour enhancing. The very some cold-pressed hemp seed oil is used as a basic, main ingredient in the formulas of our Cannaderm cosmetic products, giving them all its healing effects and fine hint of its nutty herbal scent and green, chlorophyll rich color. Is suitable for healthy eating, vegan, vegetarian lifestyle

CPK Organic Certification - Certified Organic Natural Cosmetics

Superstructure of the brand ''COD'' is a brand ''CPK bio'' for products containing ingredients from organic agriculture, which must meet both standards CPK, but must also contain organic ingredients.

Products labeled CPK - certified natural cosmetics and organic CPK guarantee of security that meet the following criteria

cannabis - cosmetics . com tip: use the daily recommended allowance (1 to 2 tablespoons) for improving cardiovascular circulation - function, immunity levels and skin conditions

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Regeneration skin oil

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