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Hemp Seed Oil

OUR MAIN INGREDIENTS - cold-pressed hemp seed oil, September 1, 2010 IS INCLUDED FROM THE CZECH pharmacopoeia! All the news going in the quality of CPK BIO - that is a certified natural personal care products and also in organic quality. ALL NEWS CANNADERM we are launching a brand new quality! ON SALE as of february 2011?

OUR MAIN INGREDIENTS - cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil - September 1, 2010 IS INCLUDED FROM THE CZECH pharmacopoeia!

Hemp seed oil companies CANNABIS Pharma-derm, Ltd., obtained by pressing
Cold seed hemp varieties, in cooperation with the State
Institute for Drug Control notified according to Directive 98/34/EC of the
CZ0582/2009 number.

Based on this decision is ed as hemp seed oil Cannabis sativae Oleum approved and listed as a pharmaceutical raw material / component for the manufacture of medicinal and / or excipients. production and preparation of medicinal products for the Czech Pharmacopoeia (September 1, 2010) as part of the official pharmacopoeia standards of the European Union.

From now on, so our cosmetics, whose main ingredient is a BIOACTIVE, cold-pressed HEMP SEED OIL, actually in pharmaceutical quality. Before placing the medicinal preparations of the Czech Pharmacopoeia passed our hemp seed oil, a series of independent tests of quality, including control of the THC content. Now is certainly confirmed its quality - both tests confirmed its bioactivity, but also represented an excellent ratio of unsaturated fatty acids, neutral THC content, free from proteins or other impurities.

Thank you all for your support and you're going to fall more pleasant news! Watch That's why our website or tell us

Our cosmetics, new packaging

ON SALE as of May 2011!

regeMa cream with a strong regenerative effect for the specific skin care needs. Certified natural formula synergistically combines hemp seed oil with medicinal extracts of plants that traditional Siberian medicine uses for healing wounds and skin diseases such as dry, chapped skin with atopy, healing scars and burns, bedsores, varicose ulcers and skin problems in diabetics. RegeMa is suitable for both children and adults, spreads easily, quickly softens the skin and greatly accelerates its regeneration.

ALL NEWS CANNADERM we are launching a brand new quality!

* Our main ingredients, cold-pressed hemp seed oil is bioactive in pharmaceutical quality (it was included in the Czech Pharmacopoeia)
* All the news going in the quality of CPK BIO - that is a certified natural personal care products and also in organic quality

CPK Organic Certification - Certified Organic Natural Cosmetics

Superstructure of the brand ''COD'' is a brand ''CPK bio'' for products containing ingredients from organic agriculture, which must meet both standards CPK, but must also contain organic ingredients.

Products labeled CPK - certified natural cosmetics and organic CPK guarantee of security that meet the following criteria:

* The products contain high quality plant materials, including raw materials from organic farming or harvesting of plants and fruits growing in the wild.
* The products do not contain wax, grease, or any other petroleum products, silicones etc.
* They contain no synthetics, fragrances, preservatives and coloring agents.
* Does not contain genetically modified ingredients.
* Starting materials or products are not tested on animals are not used material from dead animals (animal collagen and glycerin, spermaceti, mink oil, etc.)
* Does not contain chemical UV filters, electronic media, ethoxylated raw materials.
* Collection of plants is friendly manner, taking into account the conservation of biodiversity and stability of natural habitats with emphasis on environmental protection.
* Organic waste disposal, ecological carrying capacity of production and packaging materials.

In the States, that the current move towards consumers - Certificate BDIH German, Italian or French Ecocert Organic Eco Cosmesi, which can be found on some imported products, guarantees and naturalness are often crucial to the buyer's guide.

Certified Organic Cosmetics meets all the requirements of CPK, plus at least 10% of vegetable ingredients in certified organic quality independent agency accredited by the German BCS Öko-Garantie,


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© Copyright 2009-2013 can-cosmetics s.r.o. (Ltd) European Union, licensee Treatment product Cannaderm© all rights reserved. We observe laws of European Union. We are not approving using any illegal drugs! Our natural treatments products are 100% legal. THC FREE: We use only hemp seeds from approved varieties of Cannabis Sativa, which do not contain any addictive psychoactive substances.

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