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Rough Dry Skin, Rough Skin Cream

Tips for Dry and Rough Skin, Care of skin during winters, Have a look at the rough skin cream in the category dry skin. The best for very dry rough skin is Konopka - ointment. Keep yourself away from stress and tension and try to sleep for eight hours in a day.

Rough Dry Skin, Rough Skin cream

Tips for Dry and Rough Skin, Care of skin during winters,
As winter approaches, your skin becomes dry and rough. If you do not take care of your skin it becomes cracked. Your skin is the most sensitive part and gets affected easily.

Thus some of the tips are given in this article that will help you to take care of your skin during winters:
Frequent handwashing and dry weather worsens dry skin lotions, creams and pastes seem to vanish minutes after they're applied. Hands can become so rough and scaly, they begin to crack and peel. Well, no more!

Rough Skin cream
The best treatment to beat the rough and dry skin during winter months is to use cold cream. Cold cream not only keeps your skin soft and healthy but it also provides moisture to your skin. Apply to heels, hands, knees, elbows and any other rough patches of skin at least twice a day.

Our Natura - 24 cold weather cream with SPF15 is pecial protective anhydrous cold weather cream of pure Hemp oil and Shea Butter with SPF 15 for all-day skin treatment in bad weather conditions.  Use the Natural cold weather cream as a daily cream or apply a thicker layer for prevention from irritation, reddening and creation of dry areas on skin caused by exposure to cold, wind or UV radiation.
A thin layer of cream apply onto the face including eye areas and another unprotected skin areas. Cold weather cream increased resistibility of skin and it's protection from premature signs of aging.
Treat your lips with moisturizing lip balm with SPF 10 or Sun lip balm with SPF 20

For Children will find Baby cold weather cream is made of pure hemp and grape oil, shea and UV factor for an all-day care of the sensitive and children's skin during an adverse weather conditions. The content effective substances actively protects the skin from cold, dryout and irritation. After an application the skin is soft, well hydrated and protected from cold, wind and an UV radiance.

Cold cream
is must and very essential for rough dry skin during winter months. Skin is needed through out life but during winters it needs more attention.

How to Heal Rough Dry Skin, How to Treat Rough Dry Skin

Learn how to get rid of dry, rough, itchy skin.

a) Dry skin is affected most in winters. Apply Robatko - body oil on your whole body before taking bath. It is very essential to hydrate your skin. This can be done by drinking lots of water during winter months. It will make your skin to look fresh and healthy.

b) When you go out in the sun do not forget to apply the Sun protection and sun care.
or Our Natura - 24 cold weather cream with Spf 15

c) Use suitable moisturizer for your skin.Have a look at the rough skin cream in the category dry skin. The best for very dry rough skin is Konopka - ointment

d) Eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. This add sufficient amount of water to your skin.

e) Good sleep of eight hours is also essential to keep your skin healthy during winter months. So keep yourself away from stress and tension and try to sleep for eight hours in a day.

Rough dry skin
can be annoying and embarrassing. It's itchy and very irritating. You don't have to suffer any longer

You should begin your regimen at night before bedtime. You will want to soak the area in steamy hot water to soften it first. I recommend taking a long hot bath.

Once you have soak for atleast 30 minutes, apply our ointment on the area while it's still moist. You can't use to much. Rub it in just a little. You will then want to cover the are with a thin cloth. If the dry skin is on your feet, you can just put on socks.
The next morning, apply ointment to the area. Use the ointment atleast 3 times daily.

Continue these steps everyday until your skin is no longer dry. It should begin to feel nice and smooth after 2 to 3 days. For severe cases it may take a little longer. The key is to stick with it until you begin seeing the desired results.

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