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CANNABIS AGAINST BAD HEADACHE AND PSORIASIS. Cannabis against psoriasis 15-20% of population suffer from eczem and about 3% from psoriasis. They often face unpleasant stares of others. The reason is the peeling skin because the skin cells suddenly grow up to 7 times faster than a normal skin.

I inherited this unpleasant thing from my mother and I, of course, ''successfully'' passed it to my young generation. That is not exactly something I would like to give to my children but the genetics thought it otherwise.

And such headache attack can prepare an all-day hell to you. One of the few things that works is the following: Put one full tea spoon of my standard hemp dust (a mixture of c indico plus Cannabis sativa in 1:2 ratio) into a porcelain bowl and the same amount of the darkest tea (containing as much tannin as possible), and a strong black Indian or Ceylonese tea. Pulverize the content of the bowl into fine dust as long as my headache lets me do so.
The longer it lasts, the more efficient the medication will be. Pour the final grey mixture into properly warmed-up teapot with hot water. Leave it about 5 minutes and stir it frequently. The final leach is bleary dark, with intensive aroma and bitter.
I drink it as hot as possible. Of course, you can all wait a bit before drinking it.

It is good not to drink the tea when you have an empty stomach. The effect comes gradually in 10-20 minutes. THC is (in the form of cluster) in the tanning agent so it is captured in the leach very tightly. Therefore the active substance is released very slowly. Headache gradually disappears with it's original signs (nausea, photodysphoria, hypersensitiveness to smells and sounds) without me feeling stoned because it is closely associated with mental effect.
The positive influence of the tea itself intensifies the entire therapeutic effect. Cannabis tea prepared in this way proved to be efficient in situations when usual analgesics do not help. So I use it as my safety belt for desperate situations. Therefore I use it only in necessary cases because I don't want to decrease it's effect by overdosing. Because I know that this is the most important to me.
Who has had the bad headache, would understand me for sure.

Cannabis against psoriasis
15-20% of population suffer from eczem and about 3% from psoriasis. They often face unpleasant stares of others. The reason is the peeling skin because the skin cells suddenly grow up to 7 times faster than a normal skin

Eczema can appear as rough ''grater like'' skin, blisters and in heavier forms also as cracking lesions. ''Unfortunately I have areas of red, scaly and itchy skin on places that are most visible ''on face, neck and wrists'' said miss Soňa in an internet discussion. ''Such people are actually pushed out of society'' says the chairman of Society of Psoriatic and Atopic Eczematics Stasek Ulenfeld. Other people often do not know that eczema and psoriasis are not infectious and avoid such affected people.

Psoriasis can appear at any time. Everybody can have a disposition for this disease that however does not necessarily have to show up. The initiator can be anything ''stress, infection, medication...).
Eczema is formed mostly as a reaction of organism to certain food or different stimuli (dust, chlorinated water, feathers, stress or weakened immunity).

Body can get used to corticoids. Such unpleasant skin diseases require prescription of various medicaments, besides various solutions and creams, also preparations and corticosteroids. But those only eliminate the acute signs of the disease and after discontinuing of the therapy the symptoms recur. The skin is also weakened after such therapy and the organism gets used to corticoids very quickly so they are not so efficient next time. ''There are more active substances obtained by extraction of cannabis. The remaining pressed oil contains undesirable proteins, waste products etc.
''The oil must be chemically stabilized,''explains doctor Skalicky from Parental Research Team. Preparations of cannabis have the advantage that, in case of long term use, the signs of disease almost disappear however I don't claim that it cures,'' warns Jiri Skalicky.

But not even other used medical procedures do cure. Although cannabis does not cure, unlike the corticosteroid, cannabis preparations do not harm.

And indeed, there is no need to worry that use of cannabis cosmetics can cause any kind of hallucinations. It is made of approved technical cannabis with only a half of per mille of THC hallucinogen , while in ''real'' cannabis sativa L. there are 3-5% of THC.


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