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Speech of the company owner as to " why he started producing the cannabis cosmetics"?? With products made from narrow leaved hemp nettle infiltration already legally sold in Czech shops. Being the fruit forbidden makes it taste the best.


Cannabis sativa is defined as a warm climate dicotyledonous plant from the cannabacea family with wide economic usage.
But hemp also has psychoactive effects, with liable penalties for the consummation. In a nutshell it's a fabulous herb with many myths, stereotypes, and legends.With products made from narrow-leaved hemp-nettle infiltration already legally sold in Czech shops, it isn't considered marijuana or hashish , it is called hemp. It is considered hemp based clothing, groceries, or cosmetics.
Narrow leaved hemp nettle was discovered by Jan Janovsky, the owner of teplices Cannaderm company in cosmetic industry. The hemp officially being the fruit forbidden makes its use quite difficult, yet our cosmetic products are legal and hemp free.

Being the fruit forbidden makes it taste the best!!

Cannabis is a Dehydrated corolla of indian cannabis, which is processed for stems and also for seeds. Stems and seeds isn't narcotic fancy. Tetrahydrocannabinol, in brief THC, is only found in the resin of the plant itself, but not in the seed. I'm told, we process seed and extract from it rare and valuable hempseed oil. Hempseed oil is a basic ingredient in all our products.
It sounds simple, and at the same time scientifically, but as used under this also. Knowledge is really a practical elaborate experience. It's been over 10 years since I got together with cannabis cigarette, But because of my curiousity, I studied what it is I'm smoking. It start big, a nice way to research is the scientific library, internet information, and diverse publications. There I learned what cannabis is and how it can be used.

When my mother became ill with a milign illness, for the first time I learned of the production of liniments and smears. I started to use the liniments, which quickly cure surgical scars. There I learn that cannabis helps.

However with cancer it is not possible to restore health from liniments, since Jan's mother died.
In the end her son, an alumnus of industrial school, continued to study it. Hemp became his passion, his obsession, and the one thing of which he thrive.
My listing enthusiasm and energy persuaded me. It was so strong I wasn't sure if it was ok or not, I just wanted to enforce it and surround myself with people who uinderstand certain things which I don't understand. The more crazier the idea, the more it is enforced.
I believe cannibus is fine, because as I study it's atributes, I see what this plant has to offer, it's like a medicinal herb. It's curative power must be made availiable to people, and it's my mission to give to people. It is this flower I call an absolutly ingenious creation on this planet. This prehistoric plant, here for over a thousands of years, is utterly beautiful. For it I have great admiration


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