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Skin regeneration

Skin regeneration Prevention for preventive corneotherapy, it is essential to avoid skin care products with harmful substances such as irritants and allergens, to select appropriate skin care ingredients, and to individually adapt skin care products to specific skin conditions.

Skin regeneration

Skin regeneration - A healthy and functioning skin barrier provides overall protection against dehydration and the penetration of germs, irittans, radicals, and radiation This protection supports a gradual reduction in inflammation and other skin problems as the external causative agents are repelled by, an intact skin barrier. The long term effects of corneotherapeutic treatment with the appropriate skin care products results in a healthy skin barrier without side more

The basis of corneotherapy has three core concepts:

Prevention for preventive corneotherapy, it is essential to avoid skin care products with harmful substances such as irritants and allergens, to select appropriate skin care ingredients, and to individually adapt skin care products to specific skin conditions.

Protection - an important result of professor Kligman's studies is the finding that appropriate moisturizers and lipids will not only support the integrity of the horny layer but also support the regeneration of deeper skin layers. In addition, recovery of the skin barrier will promote protection against premature aging and other skin conditions.

Individualized Care ''components of corneotherapy include a precise analysis of the skin and an individually adapted skin care system based on that analysis. The result is a modular system with a combination of base creams and skin care agents that allow the user to customize their skin care.

Skin protection
Sun Protection - Intense sun radiation creates two types of stress for the skin with both utraviolet (UV) and inradiation (IR). While the skin can be protected with UV filters against UV radiation and melanomas, only adequate clothing and shade will help against infrared radiation. Infrared radiation is one of the main factors that causes premature aging of the skin and it should be addressed when creating an anti-aging skin care system. According to the principles of corneotherapy, if UV filters are used for sun protection, they should be integrated into a DMS matrix and applied only when significant sun exposure is expected. The constant use of day creams with UV filters should be avoided as they prevent the formation of the vitamins D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 (cholecalciferol) with extended use. It is possible to reduce sensitivity to sun radiation by using CM-glucan as an active agent as it has cell protective effects. It also slightly smooths the skin and is an excellent additive for anti-aging base creams with a higher lipid conten

Supportive Skin Regeneration

Components to avoid - A major prerequisite for corneotherapy is that components in skin care products should not affect skin regeneration or cause skin reactions. It is therefore recommended to avoid the following components:

Parfumes - the number one allergen in skin care products

Preservatives - the second most common allergen

Mineral oil and non-volatile silicones - high concentrations can affect the skin regeneration

Emulsifiers - may cause barrier disorders

Essential Fatty Acids

Linoleic acid (omega-6) is an essential corneotherapeutic component and usually applied in bound form as native phosphatidylcholine. It also exists in the stratum corneum as barrier active ceramide I, deficits of which can lead to scaly skin with barrier disorders. Reduced concentrations of follicular lipids and ceramide I also play a significant role in the comedogenesis in acne. Due to its linoleic acid content and the additional sebum suppressive influence, phosphatidylcholine is highly effective in first and second grade acne cases. In addition to youth acne this also applies for acne tarda, which occurs at a later phase of life. Cornification disorders in general respond to this treatment..

Other important essential fatty acids are triple unsaturated γ-linolenic acid (omega-6) contained in evening primrose oil and α-linolenic acid (omega-3) contained in linseed oil. Atopic persons who quite frequently suffer from the enzyme deficit delta-6-desaturase benefit from the topical treatment with γ- as well as α- linolenic acid. hemp seed oil

Carriers for Active Agents
- Different active agents require specific carriers to be effectively released into the skin. DMS and phosphatidylcholine-containing non-aqueous oleogels with DMS components gradually release active agents contained and provide a long term effect. In contrast, liposomes (with water soluble actives) and nanoparticles (with lipid soluble actives) disperse active agents relatively quickly into the horny layer and deeper skin layers. By adding DMS to liposomes and nanoparticles the release rates can be influenced according to the specific concentration.

Vitamins - The most frequently applied regeneration supporting substances are vitamins and their esters, which are released in the skin by enzyme reaction. The most significant substances in this context are:

Vitamin A - as acetate in nanoparticles

Vitamin C
- as phosphate in liposomes

Vitamin E - as acetate in nanoparticles

Yeast extract (B vitamins) - in liposomes

Coenzyme Q10 - in nanoparticles

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