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How to order?

How to order?

Credit/Debit Card online payment
AFTER CLICKING ON THE Approve and complete orders, BY CLICKING ON THE RESPECTIVE CARD YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED TO PAYMENT GATE. Payment options for types of credit cards VISA, VISA el, MasterCard, MAESTRO. We use only the most-secure payment system.For payment with creditcard the newest and the most secure Authentication technology 3-D Secure™

CLICK ON Approve and complete order

CLICK ON- via click on the icon- according to the card you have !!!!!



Fill out card security On-line Payment Form Austrian-Czech banks

For payment with creditcard the newest and the most secure Authentication technology 3-D Secure™

1. POP-UPS - Turn off your pop-up blocker before continuing with the payment via Credit/Debit Card.
How do I do it?
2. Wrong credit card data have been entered - some people make a mistake especially when they fill in expiration date because some credit cards have 6 digits in format MM/DD/YY. The needed format for paying is MMYY (two digits for month, two for year).
3. A wrong type of card (Visa/MasterCard) was selected.
4. Not enough money on your bank account.
5. Internet payment via card isn't enabled (ask your bank).
6. Error occurred at the payment gateway, try again later.
7. International transactions are not allowed (ask your bank). We are located in Czech Republic, central Europe.

Your credit card has a problem with payment on our behalf
process Paypal Credit/Debit Card


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