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Cannasol - activating serum

Description: Cannasol - activating serum

Cannasol activating serum 100ml/3,5 Floz
Sun active serum - for activating the skin before sunbathing and intensive regeneration after sunbathing
- activates the pigment production and increases the skin cells resistance to UV radiation
- active serum - prevents the solar eczemas or pigment spots rising and skin premature ageing
- suitable for very sensitive and children's skin as well for skin with atopic eczema or psoriasis
- active serum - made from pure hemp seed oil with beta carotene, panthenol and vitamin E

Cannasol - sun activating (active) serum from pure cannabis sativa seed oil with beta-carotene, panthenol and vitamin E for activation of your skin before sun exposure and it's regeneration after. Serum activates creation of pigment and increaces resistence of your skin cells to UVA radiation. Threfore your skin is better prepared for sun exposure or stay in solarium. Long-term use has a preventive effect against sun allergies, pigment stains and premature signs of aging. Active hemp serum is also suitable for regeneration and skin treatment after sun exposure.

Notice: Active Serum does not replace an effective sun lotion!


Spread sun activating (active) hemp serum in hands and gentely massage over skin. Active serum is suitable even for a very sensitive and child skin. It does not irritate skin with signs of atopy or psoriasis. Long-term use leaves your skin softly tanned. Serum is ideal for regeneration and soothing your skin after sun exposure.

Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Bisabolol, Carotene, Panthenol,Healing hemp 90%

Notice: Avoid splashing clothes or porous surfaces. It may cause hardly removable stains! Advises:

Acording to phototype and sensitiveness of your skin, adhere the right lenght of sun exposure no sun care lotion can protect at 100% from consequences of abnormal exposure to UV radiation.

Don't leave children and babies under direct sun exposure. Even with using sun care lotions with high SPF there is a risk of pernament damage because of abnormal sun exposure of their sensitive skin.

It is good to prepare your skin for sunbathing by using active serum or enrich your food with beta;-Carotene. Apply before every sun exposure equally over all unprotected skin and aspecially over sesitive areas (nose, ears, shoulders, chest and insteps). Although lotion is very well water and abrasion resistant, we recomend to reapply lotion after swimming or after any sport activities. Do not put yourself at risk for abnormal sun exposure, drink enough and likely don't stay in the sun during midday. We recommend to shorten direct sun exposure of children and people with sensitive skin. They should also stay in shade places and cover their skin with light clothes. After sun exposure gently wash your skin with washing lather and treat After sun lotion or oil for smoothness and regeneration.

cannabis - cosmetics . com tip:
cannasol - sun gel with SPF11 or sun lotion with SPF20 + lipbalm with SPF20


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